"Promoting quality outdoor lighting
and glorious Wisconsin night skies"

The night sky in Wisconsin can be enjoyed by every state resident and visitor. Tourists to the Wisconsin countryside can see the Milky Way and Aurora Borealis. Amateur astronomers must travel to rural Wisconsin to see farther into space than anyone in urban areas could dream. The steady increase of low-quality outdoor lighting, however, takes that nighttime pleasure away.

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Hidden Costs of Light Pollution

Excerpt: "But light pollution can also be a hazard to our health. Just about every organism on the planet lives its life according to the rhythms of daytime and darkness. Excessive light can disrupt an animal's migratory, hunting, breeding and sleep cycles. And several human health problems — from chronic fatigue and migraines to sexual dysfunction — have also been linked to high-levels of light exposure."

"Lighting and Health"

There's beauty in the night sky, and according to Joy Cardin's guest, we could enjoy it more and save energy if we reduce light pollution.

Guest: David Liebl, Pollution Prevention Specialist with the University of Wisconsin Extension.